Here are 5 quick marketing ideas you can use to boost your web and social media presence. They require little effort but in return you will get a high ROI.

Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas


1 – Make sure your business shows up properly on Google Maps

There is nothing worse than operating a business that no one can find online. In 2017, everyone is looking for business information online. If your business is not listed online for people to easily find you, then you are loosing a lot of money to your competitors. Head over to and start listing your business right away!

2- Run a promotion using Facebook Advertising

Sprout Social release some key trends that will be taking over in 2017. They found that:

57% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow.

75% have made a purchase because they saw it on social media.

It is imperative that your social media accounts are active and they have regular postings. This will allow your fan base to increase and eventually your fans will turn into regular customers.

Another thing you can do is give your followers special promotions. This will create more loyalty and in turn your fans will share they offer to their friends, which will lead to even more fans.

3- Build an email list

Email marketing is the lifeblood on your business. The best way to increase customer email list is to provide value to your subscribers. Always give, give, and then ask. Provide tips, tricks, ideas or even recipes that add value to peoples life. Keep them informed on what’s new in your restaurant like new menu items or happy hour specials.

4- Get on ALL social media platforms.

All social media channel ride waves of success. One platform can be popular now, but down the road another platform might pick up. What if you only focussed on Instagram when it was hot and now you lost so much momentum because the market is using another platform more? Don’t play catch up and get on all platforms. You will do nothing but win, because people will see that you are dominating on all platforms.

5- Add menu to Facebook

Facebook now has the ability to add your restaurant menu to your business page. If your menu is not easily accessible, you are providing bad customer experience. Some restaurants have old websites that dont even have a menu. Other restaurants make you go through 20 clicks before you can get to the menu. Make your menu easily accessible and convenient for your customer to get to.

If you need help with any of the above, feel free to reach out to us!

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